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Traditional regional cuisine of Podhale


Where to eat well in Zakopane?

This question is faced by many tourists who spend their vacations in Podhale. Zakopane is located in the immediate vicinity of the Tatra Mountains, so all year round you can admire the beautiful peaks of the mountains! So it’s no surprise that lots of tourists from Poland and abroad come here every year. After all, this is the most popular tourist destination in Poland. That’s why it’s not easy to find a place here with good cuisine like it used to be.

To make things easier for you and shorten your search for places with good food, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to the best (which doesn’t mean the most expensive) restaurants with traditional cuisine in the area. Aromatic sour soup, crispy sausage straight from the grill, hot kwaśnica, peculiar cold meats, or maybe real oscypki? What do you feel like eating today?

Check out where in Podhale you can eat well, tasty and to your heart’s content!

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day....

That’s right! If you’re planning a long mountain hike, skiing, ice skating, biking or a trip to the thermal baths, it’s essential to eat a decent breakfast that will give you plenty of energy. Our breakfast suggestions include juicy vegetables, homemade cold cuts, crunchy salads and homemade bread. Do you prefer a sweet breakfast? No problem. Check it out!

What's for dinner ?

Going out for a meal together is a fantastic opportunity to spend time with family or friends. It’s a time when we can get away from our daily responsibilities and celebrate our common bonds. All the more so when the table is filled with tasty, traditional dishes of Podhale cuisine, such as żurek with homemade bread, aromatic kwaśnica, oscypki straight from the bacówka or home-grilled sausage. Here everyone will find something for themselves.

What's for dinner ?

After a day of activities that the Podhale region has to offer, it’s worth betting on a decent dinner. When we are tired, we tend to look for food that is simple, homemade, but also filling. And we certainly don’t feel like searching for the right restaurant for several hours. Therefore, bet on proven places! Where to look for them? Where to eat well and cheaply? Where to go to experience the flavors of traditional highland cuisine? Here you will find the answers to these questions.


Discover the flavors of Zakopane !



Experience the taste of smoked meats in the mountains.
Perfect for any occasion, for breakfast, barbecue or party with friends!

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Genuine certified oscypek
They match the best Swiss cheeses in quality and are available in very limited quantities

Michal Bachulski - _N025912 wedzone (1)


Try cheese appetizers
made from cranberries
Ideal cold snack.

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Delicious cheese threads.
They can't be missing
at any event!

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Highlander cuisine of Zakopane

Highlander cuisine of Zakopane Zakopane, a city located in the Tatra Mountains in southern Poland, has a rich culinary history dating back centuries. The region’s

Delicious food in Zakopane

Delicious food in Zakopane Zakopane is a hidden gem on the Polish culinary scene, offering some of the most delicious food to be found anywhere